30 Year Warranty

Creative Quartz LLP warrants that the engineered slab will remain free from any defects arising from its original manufacture for a period of 30 years from the date of installation. The warranty is not transferable.

The Limited Warranty

  1. Creative Quartz slabs must be only used in applications or purposes that the product was originally intended for by the distributor and internal use only.


  1. Creative Quartz slabs is made from natural quartz and can have infusions of different colours or darker flecks, variation in quartz size, distortion of and colour can also occur, any of these cannot be considered as manufacturing defect.


  1. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the warranty card is filled out and returned to the distributor with-in the stipulated time period (i.e.-in 28 days from installation)


  1. The Warranty does not cover


  1. Any damage to, or defect in the product arising from any work done by persons other than distributor.


  1. Any damage or defect caused from failure to clean and look after the product as per the care & maintenance instructions, which forms part of this warranty.


  1. Any damage or defect resulting from thermal shock from exposure to high temperatures from placing hot items directly on the slab or overheating, including but not limited to hot pots or ovenware, electric frying pans, slow cookers etc or direct contact to flames, as this can cause cracking or discoloration.


  1. Any damage or defect resulting from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, chemical attack, examples are but not limited to solvents, oven cleaners, paint strippers or industrial grade chemicals and abrasive cleaners.


  1. Cracks or chipping in the Creative Quartz after installations not covered by the warranty and is not a manufacturing defect. The most likely causes are but not limited to excessive loading, flexing, settlement, substrate movement or impact. Do not sit or stand on the bench , do not hit the edges with a hard object as any of these can cause damage. Any crack emanating from a hot plate or sink cut-out or L shape internal corners, these are not a material fault and not covered. All corners are to have a 10mm radius.


  1. The warranty is for the original owner and not transferable.


  1. Any damage, defect or variation in the slab that were apparent in the original slab prior to its usage should and must be intimated accordingly prior to cutting the slab.


  1. B Grade slabs are not a part of the warranty and are discounted seconds and taken as in where is condition.


  1. The customer understands and accepts clause 7e of care and maintenance, as this is not claimable on the warranty.


  1. Any material that has not been fabricated and installed by a qualified stonemason. Statutory Rights.


  1. The limitations on the warranty set out in this document does not preclude any rights to the consumer implied by government statutes for privacy or otherwise.


  1. Stoneman’s Responsibilities


  1. The fabricator must fill in the attached warranty card either fax, email or post to the distributor within 28 days of installation of the new bench.


  1. After copy has been sent to the distributor you must also give to the client.


  1. The fabricator is at all times solely responsible in checking the slab that has been received to identify any variations, inconsistency or defects and suitability for the job that has the material is intended for, this must be completed prior to any cutting of the slabs. Altered slabs will not be returnable.


  1. In the event of a claim & compensation


  1. You must report or file for a claim within 28 days from the date of occurrence of an event which gives rise to a possible claim, in writing to the distributor and further that if notification does not take place within the time constraint, then the customer’s right to claim shall lapse.


  1. The distributor has the right and its discretion can either fix or replace the portion of material that is found to have failed by supplying to a nominated fabricator of the customer’s choice with material ONLY and as close as possible to a colour match available at the time or reimburse the cost of the replacement material only that has breached the terms of warranty.


  1. In the event of a claim, the total amount claimable will not be greater than the original cost of the slab that the fabricator has purchased.


  1. The warranty is for replacement of material only and no other associated costs.


  1. Care and Maintenance


  1. Creative Quartz is a quartz surface strong but not indestructible, to avoid damage use a cutting board in food preparation, use a cutting board or hot trivet when hot items are being placed on the surface and never directly on the stone surface.


  1. For general cleaning, a specifically formulated stone cleaner will do the best job or warm water with a mild detergent.


  1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and strong scourers as this can dull the surface and is not covered under the warranty.


  1. Creative Quartz can be damaged by contact from strong chemicals and solvents, do not use cleaners that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride like paints trippers or removers also avoid aggressive cleaners like oven cleaners with very high alkaline or Ph levels. Should the surface come in contact with any damaging product, rinse the area immidately and thoroughly with water to neutralize.