Grey Moon | S-656

Like all fine material, creative quartz responds best when handled with due care and attention. Remember, It is always easier to wipe up a spill then it is to handle a dried-on stain.


  • Chemical Resistance
  • Heat And Combustion Resistance
  • Color Stability
  • Flexural Strength

Products with pH close to neutral or with reduced pH effect (general cleaning products which may be commercially available on shelves) may be used at all time.

Before using any cleaning or protecting agent, it is necessary to test it on a small area for the suitability.

  • ProductGrey Moon | S-656
  • FINISHES Gloss | Leather | Satin | Matte | Honed | Stone Finish
  • THICKNESS15mm | 20mm | 30mm
  • SLAB SIZE350cm by 195cm | 325cm by 165cm | 315cm by 145cm